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Database Specialist
This position is for the seasoned database specialist. 

* Creates and maintains production, test and development database environments for Banner and data
  warehousing needs.
* Monitors database performance such as distribution of records and amount of available memory;
  modifies database programs to increase processing performance.
* Modifies rule classes or changes control file values to correct production errors.
* Applies upgrades, patches, and bug-fixes in all database instances.
* Tests and corrects errors, and refines changes to the database.
* Develops and tests plans for complete disaster recovery life cycle.
* Responsible for underlying database security.
* Provides advice to system administrators in the effective use of database languages; advises on
  troubleshooting, exception processing needs, and data management issues.
* Confers with co-workers and end-users to determine impact of database changes on other systems.
* Orients end-users and technical staff to new or changed procedures.
* May be asked to provide training to advanced users and other key personnel.
* Work independently on routine assignment applicable to the system.
* Attend and participate in seminars or workshops to remain current with information technology and
  higher education.
* Creates and generates ad hoc or periodic reports using a variety of database management software
  such as Banner report modules, Crystal Reports, etc. Requires creating reports from databases with
  multiple, related tables/views. These reports contain multi-level breaks, and have imbedded, standard
  calculations (such as averages, statistical analysis, and some mathematical calculations). Approval
  queues, budget data base, are some examples. Coding is performed at this level.

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